Healthy Business

Grow your practice by offering more services to more patients.

Grow your practice

Provide a wider range of services to a growing population of Jio Patients looking to connect directly with their Care Provider.

Deliver better care

Deeper insights into your patients' health profile, notes & history provide richer information that enables you to deliver better care.

Take back control

Your ability to practice is no longer restricted to the office. Go mobile with telemedicine calls and after hours consultations.


Remote consultations via Instant message, Audio or Video call.

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Clinical Notes & Prescriptions

Hands free note taking with Voice to Text & Voice Memos.

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Electronic Medical Record

Patient history, notes & documents available anytime, anywhere.

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Appointment Scheduling

Set your availability and allow patients to book appointments in seconds.

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Accept secure payments for in-office and telemedicine visits.

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