Find answers to all your common questions.

Getting Started

  • How can i get Jio app?
  • Show me steps to sign in Jio app?
  • How can i sign in Jio in case I forgot my password?
  • Can I create multiple Jio accounts?

Security and Policy

  • How secure is Jio?

Customer Support

  • What if patient do not satisfy with the charged service and want a refund?

Account Settings

  • By which way can i register/ sign up for a Jio account?
  • Do I have to manual insert all indexs everyday?

Stay on track

  • How can i manage and track my physical vitals?

Manage Documents

  • What kinds of documents can I store and manage by Jio?

Manage Medication


  • How can my family members join in my healthcare journey?

Booking Appointments

  • How can I book appointment with my doctor via Jio?
  • Can I reschedule or cancel appointment?


  • Explain about payment process?

Invitation Code

  • How can I join Jio as a Doctor?

Account Settings

  • How can show to my patient my working status when they search for me on JIo?


  • How can Doctor do telemedicine?


Tracking patient's health


  • Explain about payment process?